How Can I Figure Out If I Grind My Teeth At Night?

A nightly habit of grinding your teeth can cause you to feel discomfort when you wake. In many cases, painful feelings can persist throughout the day. What you might not realize is that your problem, known as bruxism, is capable of causing more than just discomfort. You have the potential to grind your teeth with enough force to do real damage, to the point that restorative dental care is necessary. Your Richmond, TX dentist’s office can work with you to address this problem. Wearing a special appliance at night can help you keep your teeth safe, so you can avoid damages and discomfort.

Pay Attention To Dental Pain And Sensitivity

You should take episodes of dental pain and sensitivity seriously, especially if your problems seem to persist. What you experience could be the warning that something is seriously wrong. In cases where a person is grinding their teeth, the problem could be connected to TMJ dysfunction. In addition to hurting your teeth, this problem could lead to pain in your jaw, and chronic headaches. If pain is concentrated on a single tooth, it could be a warning that you have a cavity that is in need of the proper care.

How Your Dentist Protects You Against Smile Threats

At every regular dental exam, your dentist is taking the time to look over your oral health for any possible signs of trouble that are going to need attention. Catching and treating problems promptly can help you avoid uncomfortable complications. It can also help you to prevent issues like teeth grinding from causing serious dental damage.

Family Dental Corner Is Ready To Help You If You Grind Your Teeth At Night

At Family Dental Corner, patients who grind their teeth can receive support to help address discomfort, and potential damage. Our practice is prepared to help you deal with this problem, as well as TMJ dysfunction, which is often related. Are you experiencing symptoms of these problems? We are ready to help! We are also ready to help you maintain a healthy smile through regular dental care. You can learn more by calling Family Dental Corner in Richmond, TX, today at 832-980-9111.