Crooked teeth are often a cosmetic issue because they can dramatically impact your smile’s appearance. Many patients need braces to correct severe cases of malocclusion. However, others can benefit from more comfortable treatment with MTM® clear aligners. MTM stands for minor tooth movement, which means the clear acrylic aligners create gentle force to improve your smile’s appearance. In addition, they also help you avoid other dental health concerns, such as bruxism/TMJ disorder, worn and damaged teeth, and more.


The goal of orthodontic treatment is to correct your tooth alignment and, therefore, your bite’s function. However, not all patients require orthodontic brackets and wires. The secret to MTM® aligners’ success is that they minimize the amount of movement you need to improve your tooth alignment. Therefore, they provide several benefits when straightening your smile, including:

    • Greater confidence – the aligners are made from virtually invisible acrylic and remain nearly invisible throughout the course of your treatment.
    • More comfort – clear aligners fit comfortably over your teeth instead of being bonded to them, like brackets and wires.
    • Better dental hygiene – unlike braces, you can remove your aligners before you brush and floss your teeth for improved long-term dental health.
    • Faster treatment – in many cases, you can complete MTM® treatment in as few as just six months.

Improve Your Smile Faster without Braces

If your teeth aren’t aligned properly, then you may be able to correct their cosmetic appearance as well as your bite’s overall function with MTM® clear aligners instead of traditional metal braces. To learn more, schedule a consultation by calling Family Dental Corner in Richmond, TX, today at 832-980-9111.