Finding And Treating The Cause Of Your Toothache

Your life can be demanding enough under good circumstances. When your day includes a persistent toothache, you can feel overwhelmed, stressed, and understandably concerned about your oral health. Your Richmond, TX dentist can help you identify the cause of your toothache, and provide a solution. Persistent pain can be a warning that your tooth is infected, either because of an advanced cavity, or an injury. In these situations, a root canal treatment can protect you from further discomfort, and stop a problem that has the potential to cost you your tooth!

A Toothache May Be A Warning You Have An Advanced Cavity

If your tooth continues to hurt, or if it exhibits an unusual amount of sensitivity to heat, cold, or sweets, the problem could be an infection. Infections will eventually occur if you go too long without treating a cavity. Essentially, decay reaches the point of exposing a tooth’s pulp, which gives bacteria access to the living nerves that sustain it. This is not a minor problem – in addition to causing pain, an infection is a warning that bacteria could spread further, and cause new problems for your well-being. Failing to act in time can lead to the loss of your tooth, as it may become too badly damaged to make saving it a possibility.

Scheduling A Root Canal Treatment To Restore Your Tooth’s Health

A root canal treatment provides important restorative dental care. When your dentist performs this procedure, they take care to remove the infection within your tooth before sealing your pulp, and restoring the tooth. You can be happy to know that you will receive a dental crown capable of offering lasting functional support for the tooth in question. With the right material type, it is also possible to create a crown that fits in with your smile, and causes no issues with your appearance.

Using Sedation To Help You Feel More Comfortable During Dental Care

Root canal treatments provide an important service, and they spare patients from serious oral health complications. Unfortunately, people can hesitate to move forward with treatment because they have negative associations with this dental procedure. If your stress about dental work is making it difficult for you to put yourself in the dentist’s chair, you can discuss dental sedation. The right sedative can help you relax, and undergo your procedure without unnecessary anxiety.

Family Dental Corner Can Put A Stop To Your Toothache

Family Dental Corner is prepared to help patients put a stop to a persistent toothache. If you have an issue with dental pain, or have any other reason to suspect you may have a tooth infection, schedule an appointment as soon as possible to address the matter. You can arrange your visit by calling Family Dental Corner in Richmond, TX, today at 832-980-9111.